Mons Taeda
Agriculture, landscape and tamed nature in Montevecchia, once Mons Taeda (c400 CE)
Imbrianza, a new noun in the dictionary, a state of the mind, topographics Italian style
In a Forest Dark
"Lost in a forest, all alone..." – Dante Alighieri/The Cure
The View
A truly magnificent view - just not today.
Sonatina Pastorale
Landscape and soil in minimal collages
The Park
Wandering, wondering. But don't wonder where the road will lead you, just follow the road.
Spreads, but not by design.
Nocti Lux
Nightwalking in suburbia. While Todd Hido doesn't get out of the car any longer, I still do. I guess I'm more a gerryjohanssoner, than a toddhidoer.
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